Elsewhere: Thompson’s Critique, Avella’s Excuse, Q-Tip’s Diss


Representative Joe Crowley, a Blue Dog Democrat, said, “I am in favor of a robust public option for a number of reasons.”

There's money for people taking this stance.

Maybe Democrats should have called it the "American option."

Bill Thompson’s complaint about Michael Bloomberg makes the AP wire.

“The chutzpah!”

The State Senate is getting ready to return to Albany in early September.

A firm connected to Delaware North is evaluating bids for VLTs at Aqueduct, including Delaware North's.

Rapper Q-Tip said on Twitter that “a true blue new york jew” should not vote for Bloomberg.

The Epoch Times talks to Tony Avella, but not Thompson or Bloomberg.

Avella explains his poor fund-raising.

Mark Green walks and talks with Adam Lisberg.

He’s also getting more matching funds.

Eric Gioia is ready.

Kimberly Wilson is not impressed with a recent debate.

Bloomberg exercises by lifting babies.

Bill Thompson would drink out of a dirty glass and uses the word “Manhattan” as a pejorative.

Christine Quinn said Thompson has been a good comptroller.

And the last mustachioed man in the city press corps, I think, is Andrew Hawkins.

And pictured above is Thompson's campaign manager Eddy Castell, and attorney Larry Laufer.

Elsewhere: Thompson’s Critique, Avella’s Excuse, Q-Tip’s Diss