Elswhere: Linares Lands, Krugman Moves, Cuomo Investigates

Andrew Cuomo is looking at Pedro Espada's son.

Michael Bloomberg replaced Guillermo Linares with Fatima Shama.

Brian McLaughlin's campaign is still spending money.   

"The Democrats made a mistake in picking Mr. Owens," writes Danny Francis, who was passed over when Democrats picked Bill Owens as their candidate to replace John McHugh.

Owens didn't say much in a radio interview.

David Paterson sent the National Guard to western New York.

Helen Sears gets hit for not defending her opponent from a smear campaign sooner.

Shout if you want Eric Gioia's seat.

Bloomberg's expected to sign a bicycle bill tomorrow.

The developer at Kingsbridge is rethinking the project.

Bill de Blasio and David Yasksy got endorsed by the New York League of Humane Voters.

BlogReader says calling the mayor a Republican is better than calling him an Independent.

On an $18 million government website: "Is it made of Internet platinum, and does it shoot rainbows?"

Representative Paul Tonko will take questions tonight on health care.

Jerry Skurnik explains who's running.

Khari Edwards was "ill-suited" for David Paterson, but hired by John Sampson.

Chris Sealey, another State Senate consultant, has done some ridiculous tweeting.

Our Town profiles John Liu, Leslie Crocker Snyder and Norman Siegel.

Michael Bloomberg's thoughts on follicular attrition.

Cy Vance, momentary stand-up comedy fan.

Matt Haber launched a media blog at Portfolio.

Paul Krugman bought a place on Riverside Drive.

Anthony Weiner had warm words for Bob Zuckerman, and for Bob Zuckerman's mother.

And below, Lee Miringoff explains Barack Obama's latest poll results: Elswhere: Linares Lands, Krugman Moves, Cuomo Investigates