Environment New Jersey will not endorse a candidate for governor

One of the state’s three major environmental groups announced today that they will not endorse a candidate for governor.

“Despite the poor condition of New Jersey’s environment, the candidates have so far said little to acknowledge these serious environmental problems, and they have yet to offer solutions,” said Environment New Jersey Executive Director Dena Mottola Jaborska.

Instead, the group is releasing a list of what it considers the 10 most pressing environmental issues the state is facing – among them the creation of more solar and wind energy-related jobs and stopping the development of a coal power plant in Linden – that they hope the candidates address. They’ll hold town halls and will invite all three major candidates (including independent Christopher Daggett, a former DEP commissioner and regional EPA administrator) to talk about the issues there, as well as participate in an environmentally-centered debate.

The New Jersey Chapter of the Sierra Club this week endorsed Daggett over Democratic Governor Jon Corzine – who the group endorsed in 2005 — and Republican gubernatorial nominee Chris Christie.

Mottola’s group did not start endorsing political candidates until last year.

The state’s other major environmental advocacy group, the New Jersey Environmental Federation (NJEF), is in the midst of its endorsement process.

“If we made the decision strictly on the interview we’d endorse Chris Christie. If we did it on past work and resume it would be Chris Daggett. If we did it on knowing exactly what you were going to get, we’d endorse Governor Corzine,” said NJEF Campaign Director David Pringle, who said his group could withhold an endorsement but has backed a gubernatorial candidate since it was founded in 1985.

"Despite Governor Corzine's best efforts to distort, skew, and distract from his record of abysmal failure, he cannot escape the strong and growing dissatisfaction New Jerseyans have with him. This is no more apparent than in the governor's poor support among Democratic Party ‘base' voters," said Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-Morris Plains), the Republican State Chairman. "Governor Corzine failed to earn the endorsement of two prominent environmental advocacy organizations for his reelection campaign, and recent polls show weaker than expected support among African American and Hispanic voters. If Governor Corzine can't convince his core supporters that he deserves to be reelected, why should anyone else think so?"

Environment New Jersey will not endorse a candidate for governor