Federer and Clijsters, Just Chatting About Their Babies

Outside the players’ locker rooms, we just spotted Roger Federer and Kim Clijsters chatting. It’s rare enough to see players of Federer’s and Clijsters’ stature idly standing in the hallway, let alone standing and talking together.

Both won easily in straight sets today, and this might be the first conversation they’ve had in years–it certainly sounded like it–so they stuck to a topic that’s new to each of them since they last played at the U.S. Open at the same time.

“Once she got to 10.5 months, she started walking!” said Clijsters to Federer, who was nodding thoughtfully. “It’s like she became a different person.”

Roger spoke candidly about how it’s difficult finding a nanny. Should they get one who speaks French? English? German? (Mirka Federer, Roger’s wife, is Slovakian.)

Kim Clijsters offered her sympathy.

Both seemed incredibly relaxed–Roger has said as much–and happy.



Federer and Clijsters, Just Chatting About Their Babies