Ferrer Endorses Gleason, Criticizes Potted Plants

Fernando Ferrer endorsed City Council challenger Peter Gleason on the City Hall steps just now, saying he won’t be just another “go-along-to-get-along face in the crowd.”

It seemed like a clear dig at Alan Gerson, the affable incumbent who was in court this morning trying to get back on the ballot after filing faulty petitions to city officials.

Ferrer declined to criticize Gerson, saying that as a policy, he doesn’t want to criticize an opponent when making an endorsement.

Among the crowd of Gleason supporters, I spotted Paul Newell, the guy who ran against Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver last year, helping lend an anti-establishment feel to Gleason’s effort.

I asked Ferrer who the forces were that Gleason would be showing his independence from: Michael Bloomberg? City Council Speaker Christine Quinn? Sheldon Silver?

“From everybody,” said Ferrer. “You don’t elect a potted plant to the City Council.”

Also running is Margaret Chin, who has raised more money than Gerson and Gleason.

UPDATE: Gerson spokesman George Arzt emailed to say, “We expect the judge, Edward Lehner, to hand down his decision by August 12” and that the judge “boosted our moralE when he said, ‘We’re not going to rule a candidate off because of a cover sheet.’ “

Also, I neglected to mention the other major candidate in the race, P.J. Kim, a guy with degrees from Princeton and Harvard and former member of the community board who raised $91,000 for the race. Ferrer Endorses Gleason, Criticizes Potted Plants