Flying Katz

Here’s one of the two television ads Melinda Katz released today. It's sort of flashy, in an old-school way.

It shows her quickly being transported from the top of a skyscraper to inside a computer screen to someone’s iPhone then outside a construction site and in the back of a yellow school bus.

Then Katz exits the school bus as it drives past her, revealing City Hall in the background.

She talks about catching contractors who rip off the city, and performing “tough audits to make sure education dollars go into the classroom.” And she says, “I’ll fight unfair taxes and fees to make Wall Street pay its fair share.”

It was done by Murphy Putnam Media, who did some videos for Barack Obama. (A smart reader sees a parallel between this ad and one for Wendy Greuel, who ran for L.A. comptroller earlier this year.)

The other video Katz released today speaks more about her bio, and highlights a law she passed that allowed women to visit their OGBYN without a referral.

Earlier today, David Weprin began advertising online, and John Liu released a five-minute biopic video over the weekend. Also running in the Democratic primary is David Yassky. Flying Katz