Former campaign treasurer McClave enters pretrial program in Mercer; state AG may appeal

Indicted in March on one count of third degree theft by deception and six counts of third degree tampering with public records or information, the former campaign treasurer of former Assemblyman Neil Cohen (D-Roselle)has entered a Pretrial Intervention (PTI) Program with Mercer County over the objection of the state AttorneyGeneral's Office.

Under the provisions of the court-ordered program, which requires 50 hours of community service, the state charges against Rosemary McClave of Hillsidewould be dismissed.

With that in mind,Deputy Attorney General Erik Daabon July 21st wrote a letter to David Eberhardt, criminal division manager for Mercer, expressing the state's objection to the program for McClave, chief financial officer of Teterboro with longstanding ties to the Union County Democratic Committee.

Daab reminded Eberhardt that in an audeotaped interview with state police, McCalave admitted that between March of 2003 and November of 2006, she wrote ten checks to herself totaling $5,562.54 from the Election Fund of Neil Cohen.

Moreover, McClave, Daab said, "violated the trust of both the candidate and the public by filing false financial reports. These false filings were designed to cover her intiial thefts, and had the effect of further breaching the trust placed in her as a campaign manager.

"…For these reasons, the state objects to Rosemary McClave's admission into the PTI program," Daab added.

Peter Aseltine, spokesman for the Attorney General's Office, said the AG's Office is still trying to decide whether or not to appeal the Mercer County Court's decision lastweek to admit McClave to the program.

On hearing of the court-ordered PTI arrangement for McClave, sources in Union County started buzzing about the state cutting a deal with McClave for information about Union County Democratic Chairwoman Charlotte DeFilippo, who's under investigation by the state AG's Office.

Not true, said Aseltine.

"This is a program the court administers,"the state's spokesmansaid. "Any allegation suggesting we were a party to this is completely false." Former campaign treasurer McClave enters pretrial program in Mercer; state AG may appeal