Green: De Blasio Is ‘Trailing, Desperate’

Before The Times endorsed Bill de Blasio for public advocate, the candidate to beat (and probably still is) was Mark Green.

On Friday, during the first official, and televised, debate, de Blasio went after Green repeatedly for Green’s work with his brother’s real estate company, and for “caving” to Rudy Giuliani after 2001 when the outgoing mayor wanted to stay in office for several weeks.

So, what did Green think of de Blasio’s assertiveness during the debate?

“It’s kind of disappointing, for a trailing, desperate opponent to criticize a sibling relationship that is open and public.”

The question now is whether de Blasio keeps up his full-bore assault on Green, or simply goes about reminding voters who got the Times endorsement.

Green: De Blasio Is ‘Trailing, Desperate’