Green’s Debates Public Advocate Candidates, Moderator

Before a recent public advocate candidate debate, Mark Green objected to a format that would have allowed candidates to ask each other questions.
Organizers agreed to Green’s request (according to an organizer), and announced there would be no cross-questioning by the candidates.

Almost inevitably, the procedural highlight of the debate ended up being a moment when Green tried to ask another candidate a question, prompting moderator Gersh Kuntzman, of The Brooklyn Paper, to shout him down.

“I told the organizer the night before that MG would come but didn’t want to have such questions,” Green’s campaign manager, Anne Strahle told me via email. And “after Mark got there, he agreed,” she said, referring to Kuntzman.

Strahle also explained Green’s attempt to ask a question of one of his rivals, Bill de Blasio, during the debate.

“[I]t was only in response to Bill saying that Mark had made a mistake when he said that Bloomberg was no longer asking homeless for rent in shelters. Mark responded … is that or is that not the current policy—and the moderator allowed Bill to answer (since he had launched the initial attack) that it WAS the current policy.”

The debate, organized by News Corp’s Brooklyn-based community outlets (The
Brooklyn Paper
, Courier-Life, Caribbean Life,,, and Brooklyn Independent Television, airs tonight at 9 p.m. on BCAT, and later online. Green’s Debates Public Advocate Candidates, Moderator