How Has Gossip Girl Changed Your Life? Write it Down!

Gossip Girl, it seems, is so wise that it can be a source of important life lessons. New York Cool, an online magazine that covers nightlife, celebrity and fashion (among other things) is hosting an essay contest to coincide with the DVD release of Season 2. The premise? To write a paragraph about how “the spirit of Blair, Serena, Jenny, Vanessa, Nate, Chuck and Dan have helped you overcome life’s little tragedies.”

The contest details ask readers to be specific: “When you are treated with disrespect like dear Serena, do you buy a new purse or get a wax?”. Or: “When threatened with the loss of prestige like our glam heroine Blair, do you flee to Bora Bora or just get a spray tan at Bliss Spa?”

Other possible topics: hiding your feelings behind smudgy eye-liner and a bad Debbie Harry ‘do like Jenny; getting over your girlfriend by sleeping with her English teacher, a la Dan; and employing Chuck’s scheming villain act to drive up your hotness-index.

Contest participants are also encouraged to send in photos of themselves dressed as their favorite characters–they will be published alongside the winning graphs. But don’t put in too much effort–if you win, all you get is a Gossip Girl t-shirt. How Has Gossip Girl Changed Your Life? Write it Down!