In Chinatown Race, Chin Challenges Kim’s Petitions

Election lawyer Jerry Goldfeder sent over this legal paperwork which, if successful, could leave only one Asian candidate in the race for the Lower Manhattan district which includes Chinatown.

Goldfeder is the election lawyer for P.J. Kim, who is fending off a 57-count petition objection from another candidate in the race, Margaret Chin.

Goldfeder said the objections are baseless, and will easily be refuted.

“It’s a boiler-plate lawsuit, devoid of any merit whatsoever — a complete waste of time and resources. Jin (PJ) Kim submitted 5500 signatures. Unless an asteroid hits the earth, he is on the ballot, and is going to remain on the ballot,” Goldfeder said in an email.

Through a spokesman, Chin said the objections are substantive red flags of potential wrongdoing.

“Fraud and tampering are serious allegations and severe breaches of the voters trust. It is only appropriate that these concerns are debated in a court of law,” Chin said.

Also running in that race is Peter Gleason, and incumbent Alan Gerson is trying to get back on the ballot.

In Chinatown Race, Chin Challenges Kim’s Petitions