Jason Schwartzman Goes To The Eye Doctor!

Sometimes actors are really fun! And sometimes we can’t find room in our articles to fit all the wonderfulness in. Take, for example, this very interesting exchange we had with Jason Schwartzman recently while talking about his new role on HBO’s Bored to Death. (Read our coverage of the show here.)

JS: Um, this is such an amazing interview already because I just have come from the optometrist, and my eyes are completely dilated. I’m pacing around my apartment in what feels like a dream. And everything is very bright…it’s like a dream sequence , you know how in movies dream sequences tend to be bright and blurry? That’s exactly what I’m experiencing right now. It’s kind of incredible because it makes me feel just like everything is really positive and I’m in a really positive dream. I’m just warning you right now, I’m sort of like, as I’m talking to you some back part of my brain is going, wow my couch looks incredible.

 I can’t see you, you know, you can do anything you want!

I know. But if you hear a hesitation or if I repeat an idea or a sentence, it’s most likely some aspect of me is kinda fuzzy. It’s amazing, these drops! I asked my doctor what they do, and they loosen the muscle. They relax the eye.

I kind of try to avoid thinking too much about the eyeball.

Well, they are…they are, I know. We look at them all day long but if you take them – if you take them out of the skull and see it as a complete orb, it is somewhat disturbing. And if you think of the fact that it’s full of…jelly, well that’s pretty gross.  I love the idea…he numbs your eye and then he puts this other stuff on it and then he puts that…purple thing against your…and he’s testing the pressure of your eye!

So they can basically see into your brain at this point.

Well, that’s what I asked him! At one point he said he was looking at my optical nerve, and I was saying, ‘how was it?’ He said it looked alright. And then I was thinking, doesn’t the optical nerve go right to the brain? He said, yes it does. I said, ‘alright. Can you see my brain?’ and he said, “No, I can’t see your brain.” It was incredible. But so anyway, so that’s not really a prelude cause we’re halfway through the interview already…it’s a midlude.

Jason Schwartzman Goes To The Eye Doctor!