Katz Wants an Investigation

City Comptroller candidate Melinda Katz is calling for “a full audit and investigation to determine who’s accountable.”

In response to The Times story about Michael Bloomberg’s use of discretionary spending from 2002 to 2006, Katz said:

“Anytime taxpayer funds are misused in any way, it is an outrage. There should be a full audit and investigation to determine who’s accountable. This underscores the dire need for complete transparency in City spending – it’s ridiculous that these shenanigans only came to light just now.

“But it also seems like there’s a double-standard here. When the Council slush fund story emerged, everyone got blamed, even ridiculed. But now the Mayor is acting as if he is immune, as if the rules don’t apply to him. And that’s shameful.”

Update: A Katz spokesperson emailed to clarify her position, saying that there needs to be an audit and explanation of what happened, but necessarily an investigation.

Katz Wants an Investigation