Matching Funds for Some Candidates

Bill Thompson and Mark Green, who top the polls in their respective primaries, did not qualify for matching funds from the city’s Campaign Finance Board, which were issued today.

They’ll have another chance to qualify for matching funds on August 20.

Liz Benjamin has a good breakdown of who's up and who's down with matching funds.

In the public advocate’s race, Eric Gioia—who is going up with television ads today—got $1,381,897 from the C.F.B. That’s about $130,000 more in matching funds than Bill de Blasio, who got $1,258,138, and far more than Norman Siegel’s $747,544.

In the comptroller race, David Yassky got $1,189,305 in matching funds, followed by John Liu, who got $994,817. David Weprin got $754,181, and Melinda Katz got $612,902.

None of the comptroller candidates have gone up with television ads yet, and all, for the most part, are not well known among most voters.

In other races, City Councilman Robert Jackson got $84,122 in matching funds. So did one of his opponents, Manuel Lantigua. Another candidate in that race, Victor Bernace, got $77,053.

City Council candidate Ydanis Rodriguez got $84,122 in matching funds, far more than any of his opponents.

Challenger Debie Rose got $61,189, far more than incumbent Ken Mitchell, who got $21,031 in matching funds.

Incumbent Diana Reyna and her main challenger, Maritza Davila, both got $84,122 in matching funds.

Incumbent Helen Sears and her challenger, Danny Dromm, each got $101,966 in matching funds.

Matching Funds for Some Candidates