McClave cuts a deal for offense that ended Impreveduto’s career

The decision of a rookie Superior Court Judge to allow Rosemary McClave to enter a pre-trial intervention program (against the wishes of the Attorney General) and avoid the possible loss of her freedom and pension is likely to be second guessed by some reform oriented legislators. Look for someone to introduce a bill that removes public officials from the PTI eligible list. The 66-year-old McClave was indicted earlier this year for using former Assemblyman Neil Cohen's campaign funds to pay for personal items.

In a way, the allegations against McClave were similar to the ones against the late Anthony Impreveduto, who also got caught in 2004 using his campaign war chest to pay for personal expenses. Impreveduto, the lone notch on Attorney General Peter Harvey's war on corruption belt, had to resign his Assembly seat, spend five years on probation, and pay some hefty fines – not that there's anything wrong with that. McClave gets to keep her day job as the municipal Treasurer for Teterboro, population 18, at least for now.

The state Attorney General's opposition to McClave's participation in the PTI program increases speculation that she did not help them with their long-running probe of McClave friend Charlotte DeFilippo, the Union County Democratic chair. McClave cuts a deal for offense that ended Impreveduto’s career