McClellan 7, Wesley 0

Mercer County Democratic Chairman Richard McClellan scored a clear victory over the local GOP this week. After the Republicans tried to make an issue of Democrats taking contributions from Rick Perr's controversial New Frontiers PAC, McClellan said that even though the Election Law Enforcement Commission hasn't ruled on questions regarding the PAC, McClellan would put the monies they received in escrow just to avoid even an appearance of impropriety. He pledged to contribute that money to charity if ELEC finds Perrpac did anything illegal.

Then McClellan beat the crap out of Republicans with their own issue, suggesting that if they "are truly serious" about the need to return tainted dollars, that could start with giving the nearly $52,000 the Mercer County GOP received from Harry Parkin, who was Mercer County Executive Robert Prunetti's Chief of Staff and is now serving a federal prison sentence for corruption, and from cohorts and firms that were involved in the scandal.

Parkin was prosecuted by then-U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie, who is now the GOP candidate for Governor. McClellan 7, Wesley 0