Mealy on the Emotional Health of Our Leaders

At a televised debate last night, Darlene Mealy defended one of her more eccentric supporters from the accusation that he’s emotionally disturbed by saying “all our great leaders are.”

The comment came when opponents Tracy Boyland and Tony Herbert were questioning Mealy about $5,000 in public money she gave to Lynval Samuels (who also goes by Dr. bidi Xili).

During the debate, which aired on New York 1 News last night, Herbert said, “He’s certified EDP, which is an emotionally disturbed person.”

“Look at–all our great leaders are,” said Mealy. The other candidates roared in disapproval. Host Dominic Carter stepped in to change the topic.

Mealy was swept into office in 2006 thanks to support from labor, specifically 1199 and the Working Families Party. But both are sitting out this election because of Mealy’s vote to extend term limits. (Initially, Mealy said she would oppose it, but she ended up voting for it.)

Mealy defended herself from the accusation that she was inconsistent on this issue by invoking the mayor, randomly, and the president.

“So, we’re going to say Mayor Bloomberg flip-flopped,” Mealy asked.

“Are we going to say President Barack Obama flip-flopped? Barack Obama came on national television and said there will be no lobbyists working in the White House. A week later he had a press conference. There will be a lobbyist working in the White House.”

Mealy on the Emotional Health of Our Leaders