Mike Long Is Bearish on Rudy for Governor

Mike Long, the chairman of the New York State Conservative Party, isn’t buying the whole Giuliani for Governor thing.

“I don’t think he’s made any moves to establish the fact that he is running,” he said in a brief phone interview. “A person who is going to make a decision in 60 days would be moving around the state, dipping his toe in the water, and talking to people.”

(That is what Giuliani is doing, according to news reports.)

When asked if Giuliani would run if Andrew Cuomo was the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Long said it was unclear.

“I can’t speak for him. I don’t know,” said Long. A Giuliani-Cuomo race “would be competitive.”

This isn’t shocking–Long isn’t a great pal of Giuliani. But his role here is not insignificant. To find a Republican who won statewide without support from the Conservatives, you’d have to go back to before George Pataki. (Calling Jerry Skurnik…) Mike Long Is Bearish on Rudy for Governor