More of De Lesseps! It’s Yet Another Hamptons “Society” Magazine

Add another society magazine to the growing, glossy pile! The Hampton Spy (is that a reference to Kurt Andersen and Graydon Carter’s late, lamented Spy?) is a “digital publication and community” edited by former Hamptons editor and Hamptons Style contributor Cindi Cook

The magazine was launched by Datran Media, described on its Website as a digital marketing company, which seems to muddy up the relationship between advertisers and readers even further.

The design is sort of Miami Vice. Ms. Cook has already launched a blog on the site called “Cindi’s Blog” in which she and other reporters write about parties and events around the Hamptons. There are also anonymous “celebrity secret agents” and a Twitter stream of happenings in the area. And there is a Spy TV section which so far just has clips from Plum TV. Presumably when the thing is fully up and running, it will better fulfill its mission statement: “enabling Hamptons residents and enthusiasts to get inside access to information, buzz and stories about life in the Hamptons, whether they are living it or simply interested from afar.” Because, you know, no one does that already or anything.

The Website went up in July, and there will be various parties in celebration every Friday for the remainder of August at the Day & Night Restaurant Beach Club at the Capri Hotel in Southampton. The ubiquitous Countess LuAnn de Lesseps of The Real Housewives of New York has supposedly already made an appearance. More of De Lesseps! It’s Yet Another Hamptons “Society” Magazine