Morning Read: A Belated Endorsement, An Unpopular Pay Raise, An Unneeded Firewall

Bill Thompson is taking David Paterson’s remarks last night as an endorsement.

Paterson’s balk at an endorsement earlier in the day left some scratching their heads.

Transit workers got an 11 percent raise, awarded by an arbitration panel.

They also won’t have to contribute to their health care.

The Post editorial board whacks Michael Bloomberg, saying “his overly generous contracts with municipal employees underlie the binding-arbitration award announced yesterday.”

“I don’t see how the arbitrators can rule that way,” Bloomberg said.

Marcia Kramer thinks Bloomberg got a personality makeover.

Javier Hernandez may disagree.

NY Aldia likes Bloomberg.

Paterson quietly signed legislation extending mayoral control.

Bloomberg Tweets. Thompson aide calls it a stunt.

John Liu’s claim about having found two sets of books at the MTA is called into question.

David Weprin is advertising on the Times’ web site.

Maria del Carmen Arroyo sent taxpayer money to a music program for students in Catholic school.

Mark Green is getting matching funds.

Richard Lipsky doesn’t think Bloomberg should give anyone advice on taxes.

Council Watch doesn’t think there’s evidence Brad Lander pushed the Wolf Skaller story.

There’s a debate in that race next week.

Josh Skaller and Liu go to CBID tonight.

Josh Malbin, who donated to Lander, can’t chose between him and Skaller.

More on Skaller and Lander here.

Leslie Crocker Snyder’s plan to relieve backlogs in the court includes hiring a courts “czar” and dismissing some cases.

Page Six picks up a theory about the Manhattan DA race from Geoffrey Gray.

Here’s a Snyder image I find entertaining.

Troubled union leader Michael Forde will step down, temporarily.

Kevin Finnegan said there doesn’t need to be a firewall between the Working Families Party and the subsidiary they own, Data and Field Services.

Does New York’s tenure law prohibit the state from getting certain federal funds?

Here’s more on the lawsuit expected from swine flu victim Mitchell Wiener’s family.

The city’s Human Resource Administration is being sued for not translating its material into more languages.


The Times editorial board doesn’t want there to be a rush to over-regulate the skies over the Hudson. Morning Read: A Belated Endorsement, An Unpopular Pay Raise, An Unneeded Firewall