Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Cover, Cantor’s Company, Corbin’s Judge


Michael Bloomberg said helicopters are important to the city, but that he’s open to more regulation on them.

Bloomberg’s transit plan “seems less than sincere,” writes Benjamin Kabak.

The mayor gave Barack Obama cover to raise taxes.

Sorry, no tweets from Bloomberg.

But he was hanging out at Touch, says Cindy Adams.

Edward-Isaac Dovere has a lengthy look at the Working Families Party company, Data and Field Services, which may or may not flout campaign spending laws.

A nonprofit on the Lower East Side had employees collecting signatures for Sheldon Silver, Bill Thompson and Alan Gerson.

Thompson may get DC 37, which backed Bloomberg in ’05.

Chris Smith looks at how Chuck Schumer is giving Democrats credibility with the left on health care, even though they may not like the results.

Expect more swine flu.

The Daily News edit board wants Al D’Amato to hand over some money.

Erik Dilan is hard to find, and Board of Elections’ official Tim Gay is, technically, allowed to do politics.

The new U.S. attorney in Manhattan, Preet Bharara, was once a driver for Mark Green.

No vacation for Robert Morgenthau.

“The inmates are running the jail,” is how Frank Padavan described Albany.

City council members spent unused city money on employee bonuses.

David Weprin wants the city’s tow pounds open past midnight.

To boost city coffers, Peter Salins calls for “rapid development” and says we shouldn’t let “planners and community activists call the shots.”

“This is political correctness run amok,” said Steve Levy’s spokesman after criticism was voiced about his boss’ immigration joke.

Levy is unhappy local lawmakers now have subpoena power.

Roger Corbin wants a new judge.

Nobody wants the Independence Party line in Hempstead.

Bruce Ratner is optimistic about his plans for Brooklyn.

David Carr is skeptical of Rupert Murdoch’s plan to charge for content.

And pictured above is Anthony Weiner endorsing Bob Zuckerman for City Council yesterday in Brooklyn.

Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Cover, Cantor’s Company, Corbin’s Judge