Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Record-Keeping, Snyder’s Note to Morgenthau

Hillary and Bill Clinton helped free the journalists in North Korea.

Bill’s role leads to humor.

Now, all Hillary has to do is to fix Kenya.

The New York Post editorial board writes, “[I]f Felder never asked for the cash, as he claims, then Mike’s folks broke the law,” and say Michael Bloomberg’s people “need to keep his records in substantially better order than this episode demonstrates.”

Richard Lipsky thinks the paper recovers its balance with this editorial.

Adam Dickter has more on Bloomberg’s relationship with Felder, which may have worsened after the two disagreed about how two groups in his district got money from the mayor.

Michael Bloomberg gets dragged into the Queens G.O.P. civil war, and is to blame for it, says Jay Golub.

Bloomberg wants the city to jump to the head of the line of Lehman Brother creditors.

Vito Lopez defends a no-bid contract his group and the U.J.O. won from the city in order to develop the Broadway triangle in Brooklyn.

“It’s high time this district was represented by a woman,” said City Council candidate Jo Anne Simon.

Leslie Crocker Snyder wrote a note to Robert Morgenthau “bemoaning” their negative relationship.

Snyder also said she, like Aborn, would not have accepted Eliot Spitzer’s endorsement or money.

Bill de Blasio and Eric Gioia traded barbs about their votes on the city budget.

The city is being sued because guards allegedly did not prevent the murder of a teenage prisoner.

Frank McKay won a fight in Putnam County.

There’s “some success” in the program that pays kids for passing advance placement tests, Jennifer Medina reports.

Yoav Gonen notes it’s a 35 percent increase over two years.

Bloombrg is not happy about the latest stalemate at ground zero.

David Weprin spoke to a group of kids, one of which says he’s Felder’s nephew.

City Council candidate PJ Kim has a new video.

Expect to see Kirsten Gillibrand in New York City in September.

Christine Quinn celebrated the opening of kitchen space for entrepreneurial chefs.

Here’s video of Melinda Katz singing “Summertime.”

Carolyn Maloney talked to folks at the Dominican Day Parade.

Richard Aborn wrote on HuffPo about traffic fatalities.

Jerry Nadler endorsed Aborn.

There’s video of it here.

The Times editorial board wants Congress to fund needle exchange programs.

E-book economics is creating tension in the publishing world.

Bradley Hope’s newspaper finds one huge family.

And here’s video of Bloomberg’s campaign visit to the Catskills. Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Record-Keeping, Snyder’s Note to Morgenthau