Morning Read: Early-Bird Weiner Meeting, City Council Raises

S.E. Cupp defends Barack Obama from LBGT critics, and writes that “directing attention to gay issues at a time like this is absurd.”

Jennifer Medina looks at the mayoral-control legislation.

The Post editorial board is happy mayoral control is back, and mentions its interest in reviewing the quality of testing.

The Wall Street Journal picks up the news about mayoral control.

Howard Wolfson criticizes Bill Thompson for investing in a land deal after getting contributions from the developer. Thompson people note that Bloomberg’s commissioner approved of the deal.

Obama is being tested in some local races.

Thompson’s fund-raising gets unwanted attention.

There’s criticism over the city’s plan to expand the number of contracts granted to minority-owned businesses.

Anthony Weiner held a sudden town hall meeting at a senior center where many people were already showing up for the $2 lunch.

Michael Schenkler says Melinda Katz “has the ability to be a single name candidate—like Hillary.” He also has kind words for the other candidates.

Bill de Blasio wants you to see the photos on his Web site.

Mary Alice Miller says Brooklyn will determine the comptroller’s race.

The Brooklyn Paper launches a political blog.

Tony Avella makes The Epoch Times happy.

Mark Green has celebrity friends.

Indicted labor leader Michael Forde is busy going to work.

The Post goes after the lifeguard union leader.

The City Council is giving raises to staffers totaling $3.9 million.

The raises are going to 550 aides.

A Council spokeswoman said they decided to make raise salaries after cost-of-living adjustments “were enacted by mayoral personnel orders in July.”

Celeste Katz and Frank Lombardi have more on the raises.

Bill Bratton likes the idea of becoming NYPD commissioner again.

Putnam contemplates sharing budget powers between the executive and legislative leaders.

The Times editorial board is cautiously optimistic about Wal-Mart’s green index.

And here’s Cy Vance getting endorsed by RWDSU. Morning Read: Early-Bird Weiner Meeting, City Council Raises