Morning Read: Giuliani’s Rise, Bloomberg’s Drink Policy, Liu’s Evolving Details

Rudy Giuliani will decide whether to run for governor in 30 to 60 days.

“[H]e’s definitely leaning towards it,” says Peter King.

Giuliani is monitoring the race for chairman of the New York State Republican Party.

Andrew Belonsky imagines Giuliani running against Andrew Cuomo, with possible campaign appearances by Sarah Palin and the Clintons.

A blogger suggests Giuliani run for Senate.

David Dinkins’ advice to David Paterson: “Definitely he should get off the racist thing,” because “[r]ight or wrong, it’s a fight you sure can’t win.”

Charles O’Byrne, Rich Baum and Sean Patrick Maloney offered advice to Paterson too.

Keli Goff sees both sides of Paterson’s argument.

Charlie King says Paterson isn’t appreciated, but it’s not because he’s African-American.

Bill Hammond says the problem isn’t the color of Paterson’s skin “but the thinness of it.”


Daniel Collins thinks the White House could provide Paterson with his only graceful exit.

Clyde Haberman defends reporters, sort of. “[M] ost are incapable of organizing a lunch order, let alone orchestrating an effort to bring down a governor.”

Michael Bloomberg’s new hybrid garbage trucks cost $500,000 each, but they’re federally subsidized.

“I never understood why we don’t let you drink in the park,” Bloomberg said.

The Post says Bloomberg doesn’t have enough energy for the city.

John Liu now says his mom worked from home “most of the time,” shifting details in his “sweatshop” story. Another detail: his mom worked in a sweatshop while his dad was a bank executive.

A woman said she was duped into being filmed for an ad for Leslie Crocker Snyder.

Snyder attacked Cy Vance for “representing murderers, mobsters, and white collar criminals while I was working for 35 years protecting New Yorkers.

The Nation endorsed Richard Aborn.

Maria Baez offers another unusual excuse for avoiding a debate.

Pedro Espada tries to resuscitate his image by defending farm workers.

Janele Heyer-Spencer says the Senate majority should “spend more time getting its own house in order” before criticizing Paterson, referring indirectly to criticism raised by Diane Savino.

Someone’s calling for a revolution against Charles Barron.

The Post-Standard defends the state’s sovereignty to enact flawed education policies.

Gotham Schools says results of the Leadership Academy are inconclusive.

Wikipedia gets an editing backstop.

The Times is, for the most part, supportive of the White House’s use of cookies.

Free texting!

Morning Read: Giuliani’s Rise, Bloomberg’s Drink Policy, Liu’s Evolving Details