Morning Read: Kennedy

R.I.P. Ted Kennedy.

Michael Bloomberg’s campaign is obsessed with details.

Andrew Doba, a Christine Quinn staffer, is now with Bloomberg.

Bill Thompson was delinquent paying taxes on property he inherited. The taxes were paid by his sister last month.

David Paterson denied playing the race card.

He was just annoyed at the media.

“[W]e should be responsible enough to distinguish racism from other issues,” said Al Sharpton.

Rudy Giuliani lags in fund-raising.

Josh Greenman, who worked for Giuliani, says the former mayor would be a good governor, but maybe a bad candidate, and offers advice.

Rick Karlin says the momentum is with Ed Cox.

Dan Maffei takes a hard line on health care reform.

“I got some colleagues who have to learn to do their jobs a little bit better,” Errol Louis said this morning while discussing John Liu’s claim he worked in a sweatshop.

Liu’s mom spoke at a rally and left without taking questions. Erin Einhorn says Liu’s mom hasn’t corrected the story yet.

The Daily News has a cartoon making fun of Liu.

Yvette Clarke, a Bill de Blasio supporter, questioned Mark Green’s independence from his real estate mogul brother.

Clarke’s mom, Una, blames Green for the racist fliers in the 2001 mayor’s race. Bill de Blasio does not distance himself from the criticism.

Richard Aborn gets profiled in the Times.

The UFT will endorse Cy Vance, and send out three mailers for him.

Charlie Rangel failed to report $500,000 in assets in his 2007 disclosure forms.

Democrats are returning money from contributor Hassan Nemazee, who was arrested yesterday.

Here’s more on Nemazee’s problems.

Nemazee was arrested at Newark Liberty Airport, on his way to Italy for vacation.

Despite her comments to the Queens Tribune, Karen Koslowitz actually is polling.

And SAT scores are down. Morning Read: Kennedy