Morning Read: ‘Partially True’ Pay Raise, Seabrook’s Praise, Lopez’s Patience


“We lobbied the city for the city,” said Claire Schulman in a story which says a group created to help the Bloomberg administration may have violated state law.

“Simply breathtaking,” is how the Post editorial board describes Bloomberg’s plan for campaign finance reform, and not in a good way.

Roger Toussaint said Michael Bloomberg supported giving the union back to back raises.

Bloomberg said that was only “only partially true.”

“That isn’t quite true,” Bloomberg said on his weekly radio show this morning.

More on Bloomberg’s comments here.

Gabe Pressman watches the mayoral race, which may be a fight after all.

Bill de Blasio deleted his daughter’s pistol necklace from photos.

“We’re nowhere near an endorsement at this point,” Vito Lopez said of Kirsten Gillibrand.

Marcia Kramer has a hard time finding someone who recognizes Gillibrand.

Cy Vance once donated money to a Senate candidate who, basically, supported a local version of the Thune amendment, which gun control advocates strongly opposed.

After getting the Times endorsement, Vance started advertising on the company’s classical music radio station.

Richard Aborn writes about protecting workers’ rights.

“John [Liu] is the leading guy in the black community,” said Larry Seabrook.

Is Anthony Como getting a job with the Bloomberg administration?

Despite earlier comments, Bloomberg did not criticize Robert Morgenthau on giving Plaxico Burress a reduced sentence.

Scott Stringer imagines a Cash for Clunker Appliance program.

Pat Kiernan warns about crossing the street.

Ravi Batra has a lawsuit against the city of Mount Vernon.

Peter Vallone has it easy.

Helen Sears’ campaign office is not located in Helen Sears’ district [fourth item].

Paul Krugman wants Obama to win back progressives and stop conceding on health care.

Twitter will get fancier.

And pictured above is Bloomberg in Long Island City, embracing very young constituents. Morning Read: ‘Partially True’ Pay Raise, Seabrook’s Praise, Lopez’s Patience