Morning Read: Paterson’s Silence, Cox’s Campaign


“Gov. Paterson can't expect Democrats to support him next year if he's unwilling to support the Democratic Party this year,” warned Stuart Appelbaum.

Andrea Peyser has a lengthy conversation with Bill Thompson’s second wife.

Dean Skelos backs Ed Cox for G.O.P. chairman, and gets made fun of.

George Pataki and Tom Reynolds are working to oppose Cox.

Jacob Gershman doubts Rudy Giuliani’s tough governing style would work in Albany.

Giuliani is still giving speeches.

“I was worried he might not get elected,” Robert Morgenthau said of Cy Vance.

The Post endorses Vance, and criticizes Leslie Crocker Snyder for changing some of her policies for political reasons. The paper also criticizes Richard Aborn’s ties to the Working Families Party.

Aborn gets the endorsement of Communication Workers of America, Local 1180.

Bond Buyer doesn’t get a chance to talk to Melinda Katz.

Bill de Blasio wants to embarrass slum lords.

Courtney Gross looks at the food habits of the public advocate candidates.

The Post refuses to endorse anyone for public advocate.

Paul Vallone’s perceived pro-life position may be Jerry Iannece’s main talking point.

“At times, Ted Kennedy’s fervor on abortion felt like an extended apology to his party’s feminists for the way the men of his dynasty behaved in private,” writes Ross Douthat.

Alan Patricof and Eric DiNallo co-write an op-ed to protect venture capital from federal regulation.

On Top magazine looks at gay candidates here.

Ray Kelly’s Windsor knot gets a close-up.

Jay-Z will do a September 11 concert at Madison Square Garden.

Goodbye, weird security guard art.

Michael Bloomberg runs ads promoting his Twitter account.

Bloomberg will be in Sunnyside on September 2.

And pictured above is a Bloomberg campaign ad inside an O.T.B. parlor on Queens Boulevard in Sunnyside. Morning Read: Paterson’s Silence, Cox’s Campaign