Morning Read: Thompson’s Questionnaire

David Seifman reveals what was on Bill Thompson’s questionnaire to DC 37: willingness to revise the law that bars municipal workers from striking.

Ed Rendell’s attempt to get Michael Bloomberg to buy the Philadelphia Daily News is news in Philly.

Ben McGrath looks at some of Bloomberg’s critics on the left and right).

“It has the look and feel almost of a quid pro quo,” said Dick Dadey of the money Richard Aborn gave to Data and Field Services, a subsidiary of the Working Families Party.

Anthony Weiner keeps pressure on for a public option.

“What is their value?” Weiner said of private insurance companies, while on MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning [no link].

Fernando Ferrer is endorsing Bill de Blasio for public advocate.

A Republican City Council candidate in Brooklyn is facing charges of “forcible touching, sexual misconduct, harassment and sexual abuse” in Nassau.

The New York Post editorial board disagrees with Bloomberg’s notion that he built as much as Robert Moses, and points to the former Deutsche Bank building.

The Times editorial board gets behind some of Bloomberg’s complaints about proposed changes in Albany.

Ruben Diaz Jr. opposes the supermarket at Kingsbridge Armory plan.

A prosecutor who gave Eliot Spitzer a hard time gets a promotion.

Some candidates have pets.

Andrew Spano supports the desegregation housing plan in Westchester.

Chuck Lesnick gets help from Estonia.

And who will win Andy James’ vote? Morning Read: Thompson’s Questionnaire