Morning Read: Thompson’s Strategy, Liu’s Story, Yassky’s Endorsements

Bill Thompson’s people say Michael Bloomberg is out to get them.

Jacob Gershman takes a crack at explaining how Bloomberg can lose: term limits, Republican name-calling and outbursts.

David Yassky gets the Times endorsement because he’s “creative” and against special interests. David Weprin is experienced but not creative. John Liu is intelligent but too media-focused. Melinda Katz is “dynamic” but too close to the real estate industry.

Yassky also gets the Crain’s endorsement [subscription].

Katz and Yassky want Liu to clarify his claims about working in a sweatshop.

It’s unclear why Liu only recently began talking about his sweatshop days, and why his mom said she worked from home.

Liu said Yassky “lacks conviction and trades on personal and political opportunities.”

Weprin said Liu is “unsure of what office” he wanted, and notes that Katz “voted for the death penalty” while in the Assembly.

The next public advocate will bother Bloomberg a lot.

Eric Gioia stays positive when discussing his opponents.

De Blasio says Gioia “has not demonstrated the ability to work” with others, and that Mark Green “has been completely absent” from public life recently.

Steve Cuozzo of the Post unloads (again) on Janette Sadik-Kahn’s treatment of Time Square.

The Post trashes Thompson for wavering on the Taylor Law.

David King looks at Bloomberg’s role in Albany.

Nydia Velazquez endorsed Cy Vance.

Some New York City voters are also registered upstate.

Maybe Al Sharpton should host a beer summit between David Paterson and the reporter he dissed.

Roger Corbin wants more time in order to raise money for his defense.

Christine Quinn’s real estate plan moves one step closer to reality.

The company charged with overhauling the city’s traffic lights is suing after being fired.

Vertical farms can be Bloomberg’s answer to urban greening, says a Columbia professor.

Echoes of Kitty Genovese, in the Bronx.

Did someone violate the Open Meetings Law in Greenburgh?

Andrew Giuliani has a golf show his dad should watch.

Cindy Adams gets behind developer Steve Wynn’s plans for Aqueduct Race Track.

Representative Mike McMahon says don’t rush health care reform.

Ross Douthat takes health care from Barack Obama and puts it on the Democratic Party.

And here’s video of Liu from April, the first time I heard him mention working at a sweatshop. Morning Read: Thompson’s Strategy, Liu’s Story, Yassky’s Endorsements