Morning Read, Upstate: A ‘Vanilla Session’

The State Senate will return today for what one senator called a "very vanilla session."

They are expected to renew Michael Bloomberg's control of New York City public schools.

The Post says they'll believe it when they see it.

The News suggests Pedro Espada's colleagues take the $60,000 he owes elections officials when they see him.

The conservative Empire Center put pork online.

Alan Bedenko says that all politicians are bought and paid for.

General Electric is clearing hurdles for a battery plant in Schenectady.

The Public Integrity Commission is trying to figure out how to more stringently regulate lawmakers and lobbyists.

Bill Bratton is returning to New York to run a consulting firm, but politics might not be far behind.

A coin flip halved the terms of some Clinton County legislators.

Doug Hoffman still wants the GOP line for Congress.

The Port Authority insists Ground Zero redevelopment is on track.

Several members of the carpenters union were indicted.

A small Southern Tier commission held a hearing about hydrofracking.

Organizing for America is helping Representatives Dan Maffei and Eric Massa.

And below, an ad attacking the expanded bottle bill passed this spring: Morning Read, Upstate: A ‘Vanilla Session’