Morning Read, Upstate: Collins Poaches, RenSquare Dies

From the Post editorial page, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver says that David Paterson is missing the long-term picture by letting Larry Silverstein wither and dither at ground zero.

Michael Bloomberg called the delays at the site "intolerable."

David Paterson broke ground on a Long Island project funded by federal stimulus funds.

Erie County Executive Chris Collins, a Republican, poached a Democratic county legislator to work in his administration.

Representative John McHugh's nomination to be secretary of the Army has cleared a Senate panel, and a full vote is expected Thursday.

Doug Hoffman is pushing to replace him, as a Conservative.

Cy Vance had to cancel a fund-raiser with Eliot Spitzer after madam Kristin Davis vowed to crash it.

Ding, dong, Renaissance Square is dead. Finite. Muerto. Mort.

Bill Hammond writes that legislative absenteeism doesn't matter.

State Senator Pedro Espada Jr. missed another campaign finance disclosure deadline.

After labor leaders in Buffalo called on Andrew Cuomo to run for governor, Paterson spokeswoman Tracy Sefl said the governor is "appreciative of the support from labor that he has and he will not back down from the decisions he believes he needs to make."

Representative Eric Massa says he won't vote for the health care restructuring bill before the House because it will "destroy Medicare."

This was after spending some time in Steuben County with Majority Leader Steny Hoyer.

Assemblyman Cliff Crouch said all legislators suffered a "black eye" from the month-long State Senate stalemate.

Kirsten Gillibrand is taking on childhood asthma.

And below, State Senator George Onorato talks about legislation tweaking unemployment benefits:

Morning Read, Upstate: Collins Poaches, RenSquare Dies