Morning Read, Upstate: Cuomo’s Dance, Legislative Attendance

Pork money flowed from communities upstate and on Long Island into New York City.

The Assembly Republican campaign account is under water.

Sources close to the leaders of the State Senate tell Fred Dicker they "hate" David Paterson.

David Paterson went to the race track on Saturday.

The Times lands the post-circus interview with the Post's Sunny the Clown.

"He says he's considering it, no question about that," Peter Kalikow said of Andrew Cuomo.

Some New York legislators are worried about public perception, but the system still favors their re-election.

Some of the attendance records of state legislators are lackluster.

E. J. McMahon says its no accident that higher tax rates are yielding less revenue.

Doug Hoffman, denied the Republican nomination to run for Congress, met with Conservative leaders.

For Representatives Louise Slaughter and Eric Massa, it's a tale of two very different approaches to health care.

Republicans are already targeting Massa.

Alan Bedenko thinks Erie County needs a new sheriff.

Troopers can now only show up in traffic court if subpoenaed, or for a trial.

Chuck Schumer is tight with big medicine.

In Rochester, the Renaissance Square project looks dead.

And below, video of State Senator John DeFrancisco at a recent town hall meeting in his district:

Morning Read, Upstate: Cuomo’s Dance, Legislative Attendance