Morning Read, Upstate: Ground Zero Politics

Some union leaders in Buffalo want Andrew Cuomo to run for governor.

David Paterson's proposal to jump-start construction at Ground Zero would have gone around Larry Silverstein.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said this would add "many more years of delays" to the reconstruction.

A report claims things are already on track to take until 2018.

Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi's opponent alleges he is meddling in the process for picking a new president of Nassau Community College.

Test scores for New York public-school students really are improving.

Former State Senator Olga Mendez, 84, was mourned.

The Times called on Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to look at how New York City's OTB manages to lose money.

State Senator John Bonacic will introduce a bill streamlining court appearances for traffic tickets.

As Paterson seeks to bridge a $2.1 billion deficit, education cuts could be on the table.

The state has temporarily halted Medicaid reimbursements to school districts in the wake of a federal settlement.

David Spano lost an ally, but is still running against his father for Westchester County executive.

And below, Representative Pete King explaining why health care restructuring is "not a major issue:" Morning Read, Upstate: Ground Zero Politics