Morning Read, Upstate: On-Track Fund-Raising, Off-Track Reimbursements

The state is slow to send reimbursements for local projects it's suppose to cover.

New York paid $50 million in investment management fees as they lost $1 billion from the state pension fund.

Employees of a Jewish charity did political work for Sheldon Silver, Bill Thompson and Alan Gerson.

David Paterson angered Queens Democratic leader Joe Crowley when he called and then recalled a special election there.

Paterson was vacationing in the Hamptons at the time.

Will rules reform in Albany actually lead to a more open State Senate?

State Senator Frank Padavan doesn't think constituents will hold him responsible for a month-long, coup-induced paralysis in the chamber.

Assemblywoman Marge Markey insists her bill to impose stricter liability for childhood sex abuse is not dead, despite being yanked from the floor calendar in June.

Are political fund-raisers held at the Saratoga race track illegal?

The News asks what Al D'Amato is doing for Ground Zero as a lobbyist.

The Times says Paterson is right not to agree to more public financing at the site.

Concerns over hydrofracking have spread to the Delaware River valley.

Some Conservatives got behind Dede Scozzafava.

Bob Conner says her stances on gun rights don't, alone, make her conservative enough.

Danny Francis made the case for why he should be nominated as the Democrat to oppose her.

(Democrats meet today in Blue Mountain Lake to choose a candidate.)

Bill Bratton said he would be happy to, some day, serve as NYPD commissioner again.

And below, Representative Eric Massa deals with questions on health care during a forum in his district: Morning Read, Upstate: On-Track Fund-Raising, Off-Track Reimbursements