Morning Read, Upstate: Owens Mails, The Docks Are Corrupt

David Paterson announced $200 back-to-school bonus grants for welfare recipients, partially funded by billionaire George Soros. Republicans attacked the plan as a "welfare giveaway."

Paterson has not backed anyone–including Democrat Bill Thompson–for mayor.

Paterson had said in March that he would "expect" to support the winner of the Democratic primary.

The Waterfront Commission, formed to combat corruption on New York's docks, is massively corrupt, according to a report by the Inspector General.

The commissioners cited by the report have already been fired or resigned.

"He's lazy and not so smart, so I don't know why we need him in some kind of policy role in the state Senate," a Democratic senator said of Pedro G. Espada, who was recently hired to a $120,000-a-year job.

Now in the majority, Democrats are raising more money than Republicans.

The Albany Project has some good background here on the race to replace John McHugh.

Candidate Bill Owens is introducing himself, via mailer.

Fewer people are visiting state parks.

Andy Spano can stay on the Conservative Party line for Westchester County executive.

A dozen inmates collected $30,000 in unemployment benefits while behind bars.

Sentencing was again postponed for former Assemblyman Chris Ortloff.

A poll shows people support smoking bans in parks.

Representative Scott Murphy supports the health care proposals in Congress.

Rockland County is mulling a cell phone surcharge to pay for 911 services.

The Mohawk and Ilion school districts are looking at sharing services. So are some communities in Ulster County.

New York's economic outlook is the worst in the nation.

Mayoral school control is law again in New York.

And below, State Senator Carl Kruger explaining his vote against it:

Morning Read, Upstate: Owens Mails, The Docks Are Corrupt