Morning Read, Upstate: Pedro’s Payroll

State revenues are still falling.

Assemblyman Jack McEneny defended the fact that he collects a $73,000 pension and a $94,000 salary.

"How can I be criticized for not having a district office, then be criticized for staffing the district office to make it operational once it's open?" State Senator Pedro Espada Jr. said in response to reports that he added $350,000 in staff to the state payroll.

"This hiring has nothing to do with a quid pro quo or demands made on the Democratic Conference," Espada told the Post.

The News says this is fuel on the throw-the-bums-out fire.
"Well, no one ever said Espada wasn't, err, loyal," jokes the Post.

Michael Daly says that American Idol fans are truly democratic, writing "what sets them apart from the politicians who infest our state capital is their attitude toward the voters."

David Paterson is hopeful there will be federal aid for storm damage in western New York.

He says Canon will build its new headquarters on Long Island.

As Jimmy reported, Kay Stafford controls her husband's campaign account four years after his death.

Dennis Rosen has started cleaning house at the State Liquor Authority.

Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava doesn't want to crowd out private health insurance.

An Oneida County legislator is criticizing Paterson for not pushing sales tax collection for cigarettes sold on Indian reservations.

The Adirondack Park needs broadband internet access.

Kirsten Gillibrand met with officials in Corning. She also posed with party leaders.

And below, video of Representative Louise Slaughter discussing a public option for health care: Morning Read, Upstate: Pedro’s Payroll