Morning Read, Upstate: Pressing Double Dippers, Libous Fights Prostate Cancer

David Paterson is resisting legislators' calls to sign a bill providing more oversight for public authorities.

Pedro Espada Jr. has stacked the state payroll with more associates from his Soundview Health Network.

State Senator Tom Libous has prostate cancer, but the Binghamton Republican says it was detected early and he has no plans to slow down.

He also said Espada's hiring practices are "despicable and disgusting."

The State Police are pulling their detail from the Javits Convention Center.

A poll shows voters are ready to vote their own guy out.

State Senator George Winner says the $80,000 pension he earns on top of his salary is justified because he switched jobs when he moved from the Assembly.

Assemblyman Bill Parment said his double-dipping is "fair."

Assemblyman Nelson Castro is expected to be indicted for perjury.

The Times writes this of the court challenge to Richard Ravitch's appointment: "The oral arguments, an animated back-and-forth that went on for more than an hour and a half, was reminiscent at times of an academic political science lecture, with references to Sir Thomas More and ancient Rome."

More public payrolls were posted on the Internet.

Representative Eric Massa spent 40 minutes jousting with reporters over remarks on health care.

Some are rallying around Democrats who support a public option.

Assemblywoman (and congressional candidate) Dede Scozzafava started tweeting.

The Watertown Daily Times says Scozzafava is a "moderate" who is being unfairly attacked by Conservatives.

Bob Conner is dubious of Henry Wojtaszek as the great upstate Republican hope.

David Paterson will be in Buffalo today to announce Geico is adding 300 new jobs.

And below, the video of Massa at Netroots Nation (yes, that is a guest appearance by Brian Keeler, the State Senate's former communications director, that you see) for which he has been much maligned: Morning Read, Upstate: Pressing Double Dippers, Libous Fights Prostate Cancer