Morning Read, Upstate: RSC Battle Joined

Henry Wojtaszek's bid to become state Republican chairman is backed by an "unholy alliance," in the words of one Republican operative.

Senate Minority Leader Dean Skelos and several Suffolk County town leaders are sticking by their support of Ed Cox for the post.

Both sides are throwing verbal bombs at the other.

Outgoing leader Joe Mondello is focusing in Nassau County.

RWDSU head Stuart Appelbaum is upset that David Paterson has been conspicuously absent from supporting Bill Thompson for mayor.

Peter Pollak thinks a constitutional convention is a good idea.

Other political figures, including Mario Cuomo, are also lined up behind the idea.

When you compare New York's current system to other states, it's a "dinosaur in the age of mammals," according to NYPIRG's Blair Horner.

"The political machine in this state does not work for the people. The political machine in this state works for the politicians and the careers of politicians, and people are fed up with that," Jonathan Tasini, who is challenging Kirsten Gillibrand for the Democratic nomination, told the Ithaca Journal.

The Daily News compared State Senator Pedro Espada Jr. to Al Capone.

"The culture of Albany is anti-Hellmans—it only brings out the worst," writes Jacob Gershman, explaining the trap that could await Rudy Giuliani if he were elected governor.

Bob Brehm is being promoted to head the State Board of Elections.

State Senator Joe Addabbo belittled a poll that a bidder for development at Aqueduct Raceway says bolsters their case.

Local governments will soon have to start contributing more to the state pension fund.

Labor leaders are still pondering who (if anyone) to endorse in a special election in the northern New York.

DeRoy Murdock thinks Doug Hoffman is the right choice to replace McHugh.

A statewide ban on text messaging will make the existing ban in Monroe County harder to enforce.

A Brooklyn NYPD officer died of swine flu.

And below, David Paterson talks to Susan Arbetter about how he has had to make tough decisions: Morning Read, Upstate: RSC Battle Joined