‘Mr. Wojtaszek Was There, Too’

ALBANY—Appearing here in the press room to announce the support of Albany and Herkimer counties, Ed Cox took something of a back-handed swipe at Henry Wojtaszek, his rival to replace Joe Mondello as chairman of the Republican State Committee, by invoking the failed coup attempt earlier this year.

"Many people were involved with that. Mr. Wojtaszek, I understand, was there, too, with that, but we're looking forward to what we do with the party of the future," Cox just told reporters.

Wojtaszek is close to State Senator George Maziarz, who was one of the principal architects of the failed coup attempt. Wojtaszek was in Albany on June 8, watching from the balcony. Cox has been endorsed by Minority Leader Dean Skelos, who was reluctant about moving forward with the coup from the start.

Later, when pressed on the point of criticizing Wojtaszek, Cox said "I'm not sure I criticized it. I don't know that much about the coup." ‘Mr. Wojtaszek Was There, Too’