Nadler Makes the Case for Aborn’s Electability

Here’s a bit more on Representative Jerry Nadler’s endorsement of Richard Aborn.

Nadler argues that Aborn has “raised the necessary resources to win the race” despite entering late, and notes that the Working Families Party is helping to run his field operation. The W.F.P.’s help will give Aborn “an unparalleled” get-out-the-vote operation, says Nadler.

The one thing not mentioned are polling numbers, which have shown Aborn trailing his two opponents, Leslie Crocker Snyder and Cy Vance.

On the plus side, from the perspective of the guy in last place, there are still lots of undecideds and The New York Times has yet to endorse.

One bit of local trivia related to the Nadler endorsement: Aborn’s campaign has hired BerlinRosen, the communications firm co-founded by Valerie Berlin, the wife of Nadler’s chief of staff.

Nadler Makes the Case for Aborn’s Electability