NJN wants to move debate in case Corzine wants to participate

The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission will meet on Monday afternoon to discuss a request from New Jersey Network News Director Michael Aron to move to gubernatorial debate from October 1 to October 22 to accommodate the schedule of Gov. Jon Corzine.

This is one of two official debates mandated by ELEC as a condition of accepting public financing. While Corzine, who is not taking matching funds, is not obligated to participate, he has the option to since he has spent more than $340,000 so far. The other two candidates, Republican Christopher Christie and independent Christopher Daggett, are required to take part in the ELEC debates. Christie and Daggett have opposed moving a debate that would now occur fairly late in the campaign.

"The Corzine camp told us they would not participate in an October 1 debate but would give serious consideration to a debate in the latter part of October. In the interests of a full public discussion, we are working with ELEC to try to set up a debate on October 22nd," Aron said in a statement to PolitickerNJ.com this week.

The Philadelphia Inquirer and Gannett New Jersey are also sponsors of the debate. NJN wants to move debate in case Corzine wants to participate