Paterson: I’ll Support the Winner of the Primary

ALBANY—David Paterson said he was constrained from supporting Bill Thompson's bid for mayor because Thompson has not been officially named the Democratic candidate. The governor had been asked about a column this morning in which a union leader called on him to do more.

"The State Party will do everything it possibly can to elect a Democrat, right after the Democratic primary on September 15th," Paterson said. "You are not allowed to use the state party resources to help any candidate that's in a primary; you're not allowed to do that.

"I'm going to support the winner of the primary–I think I have an idea who that might be, but the point is it would be unfair to Democrats who have a right to make a choice for me to try to influence that choice in a primary right now. As soon as that primary is over we will go full scale into November."

Paterson, who has an amicable public relationship with Michael Bloomberg, has dithered about his support for Thompson, at first calling him the next mayor, then later refusing to repeat his explicit endorsement. Paterson: I’ll Support the Winner of the Primary