Paterson: Look at Legislators and Not-For-Profits

ALBANY—David Paterson says he's more concerned about the relationships between legislators' families and not-for profit groups than straight-up nepotistic hiring practices.

"I remember some members of the Senate hiring members of their family, and I also remember that there were members of the same family working in the same units, which really, I thought was not a good situation to have. I don't remember any leaders hiring members of their family before," Paterson said after announcing more stringent measures against people who drive drunk with children in their cars. He was referring to the hiring and then resignation of Pedro G. Espada by the State Senate.

"I think that what I might think about isn't even as much that this happens so often, but the relationships sometimes between legislators and some of the not-for-profits that we support and some of the relationships there," Paterson said. "It might be something that the attorney general might consider looking at as well, but this is more of a legal matter, and I'll leave that to the attorney general."

Paterson didn't name any names here, but the sentiments apply to the persistent questions about Espada's Soundview Health Care network, for which he was indicted for improperly channeling funds. (And found not guilty.)

It also could apply to the United Jewish Council of the East Side, which has ties to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and City Councilman Alan Gerson.

Paterson: Look at Legislators and Not-For-Profits