Paterson Not Sure Who He Supports for Mayor

Governor David Paterson said he’s not sure yet who he’ll back in this year’s mayor’s race.

Here’s an exchange Paterson had with reporters during an announcement in Harlem this afternoon while he stood next to Michael Bloomberg, who’s running for re-election on the Republican and Independence Party lines:

Q: Have you decided on endorsement in mayor’s race?

A: “I haven’t announced the person that I think should be mayor and I guess I’ll do that before the election.”

Q: Have you decided in your own head who that person is?

A: “No.”

In September last year, Paterson marched in a parade with Democratic mayoral candidate, Bill Thompson, and referred to him as someone “who may be the next mayor of this city.” Paterson at the time said he wouldn’t endorse in the primary. Paterson Not Sure Who He Supports for Mayor