PolitickerNJ.com’s 2009 Power List

The POLITICKERNJ.COM POWER LIST 2009 identifies New Jersey’s 100 most politically influential personalities. In developing our list, we eliminated anyone who currently holds elected office, as well as the Judiciary. We also eliminated the living former Governors, United States Senators. We believe that all former statewide officeholders remain highly influential and well respected. We have also not included the GOP gubernatorial nominee, Chris Christie, or former Sen. Bill Gormley, whose power is extraordinary.

This is an Insiders List. We looked at policy makers, party leaders, fundraisers, lobbyists, labor unions, businesses, and associations and have assembled the ultimate list of New Jerseyans with clout, with an impact on politics and government in the Garden State.

We selected names based on a fairly unscientific curve: we allocated spaces on this list for a dozen different categories within the New Jersey political community — so #11 on the list of important fundraisers or donors doesn't make the list, but the most influential congressional staffer does. Just remember that our list is purely subjective.

There are no right or wrong answers, and this list is forever changing. Watch for the Power List to be updated frequently. As always, we welcome your comments on this list or anything else on the PolitickerNJ.com website. Contact Wally Edge at editor@politickernj.com.


PolitickerNJ.com’s 2009 Power List