Poll: Bloomberg Up, Green Leads, Comptrollers Bunched

Michael Bloomberg’s lead over Bill Thompson has grown, slightly, according to a Quinnipiac poll out today. Bloomberg leads Thompson 50 to 35 percent, up from the 47 to 37 percent lead in their July 28 poll.

Thompson’s numbers among African-Americans are lower than where they’ll probably be in November, meaning this gap will probably shrink somewhat. But Thompson’s numbers among Latinos are particularly low.

Among African-Americans, Thompson leads Bloomberg 48 to 39 percent. Bloomberg leads Thompson among Latino voters, 50 to 36 percent.

In the comptroller race, 45 percent of voters are undecided, so, take the following numbers with a shaker of salt.

John Liu “leads” with 17 percent. That’s just one percentage point ahead of Melinda Katz and David Yassky. David Weprin is further behind, with 5 percent.

In the public advocate’s race, Mark Green is at 38 percent (just two points shy of the percentage he’s need to avoid a run-off). Bill de Blasio is at 14 percent, and Norman Siegel and Eric Gioia both have 8 percent.

The poll was conducted between August 18 to the 24, so some of the latest campaign developments may not have been captured here.

One is David Yasksy’s endorsement by the Times (it went online on the 23rd, but appeared in the paper on the 24th).

De Blasio and Gioia both launched their second television ads debuted on the 24th.

UPDATE: A reader notes that Liu’s sweatshop story also broke on the 23rd, one day before the poll concluded, suggesting that its full impact may not have sunk in with those surveyed.

I asked Quinnipiac pollster Mickey Carroll about this earlier, and he said the story probably would not have made much of an impact, since so many of the candidates are unknown (45 percent are undecided).

“The Quinnipiac poll shows Liu at 17, and the next two guys at 16,” said Carrol, referring to Melinda Katz and David Yassky. “So, the sweatshop business, does it mean that if it hadn’t happened Liu would be at 18? Who knows.” Poll: Bloomberg Up, Green Leads, Comptrollers Bunched