Public Advocates Debate, Proxies Prepare

I’m in the Green Room at ABC’s studios, about to watch the first official debate between the public advocate candidates.

Zoe Epstein of Eric Gioia’s office was hanging out in here, joking that she played Bill de Blasio in debate prep.

Mark Green walked by and told his daughter, Jenya, to say hi to us. She did, briefly.

Matt Wing of de Blasio’s office said the hosts should have provided food for us. Fernando Ferrer is with them today, ready to do spin. Also here is Kevin Finnegan, who does politics for the Working Families Party, and seemed entirely unfazed by the scrutiny his practices have come under this cycle.

I’m sure Norman Siegel is floating around here somewhere. The Internet connection is a little weak, so my blogging during the debate will be light.

Predictions, anybody? Public Advocates Debate, Proxies Prepare