Q-poll on target for Webber

Republican State Committee Chairman Jay Webber said his gubernatorial candidate is in a very good position, leading incumbent Gov. Jon Corzine by nine points in a head-to-head match-up, according to today's Quinnipiac University poll.

"This is the 27th consecutive poll I have seen in which Chris Christie leads Jon Corzine," said the state chairman, whom Christie personally selectedearlier this summer to run the party operation.

This afternoon, Webber's chief rival, Democratic State Committee Chairman Joe Cryan, took a piece of consolation from the fact that independent Chris Daggett is chewing up seven points in today's poll. When Quinnipiac factors him into the gubernatorial contest, Christie's lead drops by five points.

"His lead drops a little – but not a lot," said Webber. "He's still beating him. When I read the comments of Joe Cryan, who's thumping his chest about being 'in range' when a third party candidate is added, I think that's a very good sign for Chris Christie."

As Corzine criticized Christie's healthcare proposal, which incentivizes out-of-state insurance purchasing and tax cuts, Webber shot back, "Corzine's is a more bureaucratic, European approach, while Chris's plan is American and reliant on competition." Q-poll on target for Webber