Republican organizes recall of Suarez

A year and a half ago, former Ridgefield Council President Bob Avery lost the town’s mayoral election to Anthony Suarez by 90 votes.

Now, with Suarez arrested for allegedly taking a $10,000 bribe but refusing to resign, Avery is spearheading an effort to collect the 1,400 signatures necessary to trigger a recall election.

“From the mood of the community, it shouldn’t be too hard to get and take too long,” said Avery.

Avery said that he has 160 days to collect the signatures, but hopes to do it soon enough that the recall will take place during the November general election.

“We still urge Mr. Suarez to resign immediately. We still urge him to consider what’s right for Ridgefield rather than what’s right for his ego,” he said.

Governor Corzine has called on Suarez to resign and signed an executive order this week that targeting him. It freezes approval in state agencies for approval of development projects in towns where the mayors have been arrested on public corruption charges.

Avery said that he “probably would” run for mayor again if the recall effort succeeds or if Suarez resigns. Republican organizes recall of Suarez