Samaroo Sues Paterson Over Queens Seat

ALBANY—As he said he would earlier this week, Farouk Samaroo has sued David Paterson in federal court for calling a special election in Queens to replace Assemblyman Tony Seminerio.

Samaroo petitioned to get on the primary ballot, per a regular process, but his action was pre-empted when Paterson called a special election for the seat rather than letting it be filled according to the normal election process. In doing so, Paterson allowed party officials to determine the candidate, rather than letting a primary go forward. They picked Mike Miller, not Samaroo.

Paterson proclaimed, de-proclaimed then re-proclaimed this special election, opening himself to legal action anyway.

The case will be heard in federal court on Thursday. Samaroo's complaint, which names the City Board of Elections as a defendant in addition to Paterson, is above. Samaroo Sues Paterson Over Queens Seat